About DePizza

DePizza is a fusion-themed pizzeria started in February 2018 by Singaporean pizza lovers.


We serve pizzas that delight your senses with classic Singaporean flavours. Whether you've lived in Singapore all your life, been away for a long time, or are new to our charming city, let us bring you the dining experience of comfort food that tastes like home, or a new kind of home away from home.

From the Press & Reviews


Seth Lui, Food Blogger

“DePizza is pulling all the stops to replicate our local delight down to the finest detail...I’ll definitely be back for more crazy pizzas for sure.”



“Overlooking the Singapore River from its perch on a second-story shophouse, the casual joint isn’t afraid to experiment with familiar flavours.”



“Instead of the usual bar hopping shenanigans at Boat Quay, pop by DePizza for a change. They're a new pizzeria that does the classics right while incorporating cheeky local twists in their pizzas.


TripAdvisor Review

“First time in this restaurant and it certainly blew my mind! Not only does it offer familiar Italian flavours, they do serve a range of interesting local fusion flavours such as Nasi Lemak and Chilli Crab Mantou pizzas, both of which taste heavenly amazing! What amazed me was that despite the thin crust, it was baked to the perfect crisp and you can still taste the softness and fragrance of the dough!”

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